The Rt. Rev. Craig Luesing

Assistant Rector:

The Rev. Paul Chikos

Welcome to St. Alban's!

Tacoma, WA

St. Alban's Anglican Church is a friendly, traditional church that is grounded in the unchanging Faith; it is a sacramental church which understands that the liturgy and hymns transcend the generations; and it is a church that is not entertainment or marketing based. St. Alban's may be the church you've been looking for. We invite you to come visit us!

Schedule of Services

First Sunday of the month - Morning Prayer & Holy Communion 9:00 am

Second through fifth Sundays - Holy Communion 9:00 am

Every Sunday - Sunday School (nursery room also available)


Aug 6: Trinity 8
9:00 am   Holy Communion & Morning Prayer

Aug 13: Trinity 9
11:00 am   Holy Communion (Church Picnic)

Aug 20: Trinity 10
9:00 am   Holy Communion
Food Drive

Aug 27: Trinity 11
9:00 am   Holy Communion